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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


skateboarding is life, it is because when you get on the board you must balance yourself so you don't fall, and if you fall, you gotta know how to fall safely, and when you fall on the ground you gotta get back up, and most importantly is you just have fun and skate, i want to win 20 skateboard medal in skate competition before i turn 20 but i don't know if i want to do that or not, it's because i've just watch skate video of rodney mullen, and other pro skater, and i realize that they just skate for fun, skate for fun means like you skate every single day and getting better and better, that's how they skate, that's how they turn pro, that's how they made their friends want to skate better than them, this people guide other people to skate better so that they can have fun with lots of trick they learn with the pro, a lot of my friends skate better than me so i just want to thank them because of they skate better than me and i've been practice simple tricks so when we play game of skate i don't lose terribly, haha, actually it does matter how much trick you can do, or how much stairs you can jump off because if you don't get any better in skateboarding while others getting better you gonna have that feelings that makes you a quitter and that's not good, so just skate with your friends and try to land every trick you know perfectly and learn new trick so you can compete with your friends and have fun together :D

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