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Monday, February 21, 2011

special girlfriend :D

hihi, hye, last sunday i was dating this cute girl, and around 6.00 p.m. i ask her if she wants to be my friend or my special girlfriend, haha, and she ask me back if i want to be her friend or her special boyfriend, haha, and i was like, i ask you first laaa, so you jawab dulu laa, haha, then she was like so quiet and so malu2 and that's sooooo cute, haha, then i tell her, if you want to be my special girlfriend you gotta to follow THE RULE :D and she was like, what rule ? haha, and i was like explain it, the rule is, we cannot touch, we cannot hug, we cannot kiss, we cannot have sex until we married because it's a sins to do all that before married, and we only date once a month, haha, at first she cannot accept that we can only date once a month, haha, after a few minute she agreed to follow the rule, yesterday, we met and we follow the rule, and now i just love her more and more and more :D

i ask her to follow the rule because we're muslim and i love her, i don't want to make any sins with her, i just want our love being so pure, so to all the couples out there i challenge ya'all to follow the rule too, your lover will follow the rule if your lover really love you, thank you allah because introduce me to islam :)