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Thursday, October 8, 2009

ive change

hye im mohd ameer bin mohd dzulkifli ive changed in few ways, life getting a lil bored because i dunno why, i know why but i cant say it or type it or whatever, school getting so boring, the student getting more annoying so as the teacher, study sucks because i cant understand what my teacher teach, and i do ask a question if i dont understand but our teacher just gonna scold us or explain it in not a good way, family ok, friends ok but not too ok, almost all my friends change because they wanna be cool so they change in a few ways too but some change in better way and i like it, skate ? skate change me to a hyper person, a lil alim, brave, and not to be a quitter, because when i skate i always fall and bleed ok la not always but sometimes, and when i fall i get up and keep trying to succeed, family, skate, friends bulan ramadhan, change me to become a good person, i solat and try to do good things and it is so hard, guitar ? music ? i dont like music to much, because its melalaikan, and not good for health, music is just a combination of a sound and makes you feel something either you wanna move or you wanna sad or you wanna happy or whatever you want thats my opinion, i just play music for fun, thats all, yes ive change and become a boring person and i miss my family and my friends, i miss the time we used to have fun, i miss me being fun, aarrgghh ! i just dont like me being boring, because who wants to be boring because its so boring being boring, grr, but i like me being happy and fun, hahahaha, thats all i guees, hehe, thanks for read it, :)

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