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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

school sick i guess

hye my name is ameer and i really really really miss school, i can't believe i miss my school so much, i miss my teachers, i miss my friends, i miss my class, i miss my friends classes, haha, so many thing i miss, i miss the school anthem that start with trumpet i think and follow by punk beat ''dum tak dum tak dum tak'' then we all go like ''putra putri harapan negara, terdiri dari berbilang bangsa'' haha, i miss assembly, i miss i slept during assembly, i miss i slept in class, haha, lots of things that i really miss about school. Early 2010 i was like this is my last year in school and i know that at the end of the year i will miss my school, but actually i thought it's not that hard you know, maybe after a few months i'm gonna forget school or miss school but just a little bit but it's not that easy. When i looked at my school uniform and knowing that im not a school boy anymore it makes me feel sad, it makes me feel old, it makes me think about my future, what im gonna be, how's everybody in another 10 years, it makes me miss my class my desk my teachers my friends my schoolmates and my school. Maybe it's not just me who miss school so much, maybe there's lot of people missing school, maybe my parents miss their school year. You know when we think about we all gonna turn 40 and above one day if we still alive and we remember our school years doesn't matter the bad things or good things i think we all gonna miss school, im just thinking im not sure if it's right or wrong because im 18 this year so i don't really know about people age 40 and above. The best thing about school is, when it's our last year, we all gonna take a big examination and at that time all of us including our friends no matter what races or religious we are we all gonna pray and study and wishing everybody good luck do ur best and hopping our result and our friends result gonna be good and hopping that all of us have a bright future. :D

This is to all my classmates 5C and to all my teachers. :D
I hope we meet again someday and i hope you all are in pink of health, haha, i got that sentence ''pink of health'' from pn.poon my english teacher she's very nice.

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